Marcie Telander, Psychotherapist

Marcie Telander, M.A., REAT, CGP, DAPA, American Assoc. of Psychotherapists,...

...— President of East River Counseling, Inc. with offices in Gunnison—Main St. Clinic and Crested Butte South — 160 Lower Allen Rd.  Group workshops, retreats and presentations are also available at the Foundation for Alchemy and Yoga in Tesuque and other locations throughout New Mexico.

Office hours: 8am-6pm Wednesday and Friday mornings. Emergencies during business hours as needed or at other locations in Crested Butte and Crested Butte South.

Please call for free interview and to discuss your interests and needs

Phone: 970-349-6509 and confidential voice-mail: 970-252-7803

Email: Website:

SLIDING FEE SCALE–NOTE: Locals and students can receive special rates.

Standard rates: $90-$125

Payment plans and scholarships also available.

Marcie is a long-time Valley resident and has been in private practice for over 30 years. She is a Diplomat of the American Psychotherapy Assoc., an internationally Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, a Certified Group Psychotherapist and a founding practitioner of the Eco-therapy movement. Marcie received her M.A. in Literature and Expressive Arts/Creative Thesis in 1980 from North Eastern Illinois University.  She is a Prof. Member of CO. Assoc. of Psychotherapists, American Counseling Assoc., American Group Psychotherapists Assoc., International Assoc. of Expressive Arts Therapists, New Mexico Mental Health Counselors Assoc. and the American Counseling Assoc.

Marcie draws from a wide range of traditional, holistic and integrative counseling approaches. Each of these therapies respects the whole person, offers empathy and compassion and helps clients recognize their intrinsic strengths and motivation to change.

Through Positive Psychology, Eco-therapy, Mindfulness-meditation, gentle touch and brain-centering neurobiology techniques, the profound balance of somatic/body /mind/spirit is addressed. Clients are helped to release stress, anxiety, depression and addictions and to build the positive life changes which can lead to transformational self-confidence and well-being. Specialties include Couples’ and Family Systems communication and intimacy enhancement, Men’s issues, Women in Transition, Adolescents, Pre-Marital Counseling, Relocation Adjustment, Traumatic Incident Reduction, Employee-Employer Strategic Planning and Mediation for businesses and organizations.

As the only Registered Expressive Arts Therapist in Central and Southwestern Colorado, Marcie assists children through adults and families in developing safe and imaginative expressions of their concerns and solutions for understanding and growth. Marcie utilizes Play Therapy, movement, narrative and visual arts and celebration/rites-of-passage modalities to build deeper and enriched family relationships. Marcie also works with clients and companion animals and equine-assisted therapies.

Marcie is the Founding Director of Earth Wisdom Institute, an earth-honoring, integrative healing, educational program. She is an award-winning writer, poet, journalist, filmmaker and Master Storyteller. She has worked with thousands of children, adolescents and adults through numerous state Arts Councils and the Nat’l Endowment for the Arts as a Community Expressive Therapeutic Arts/Celebration Artist-in-Residence. Her intergenerational text-handbook, ACTING UP is published and carried by Marcie has lectured at colleges and universities and presented across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Italy. Her counseling and Creative Life Coaching observations have been included in MARTHA STEWART’S BODY AND SOUL, THE WOMEN’S COMFORT BOOK, THE WOMEN’S RETREAT BOOK, THE COMFORT QUEEN and international webinars including THE SHERO’S JOURNEY and THE WORLD’S LARGEST SUMMIT. Marcie’s poetry and essay are featured in the collection RITUAL AND HEALING: Stories of Ordinary and Extraordinary Transformation —Motivational Press: and

UPCOMING EVENTS: Crested Butte–Sept. 10 through Sept. 20 Celebrate Vinotok, the Autumn Equinox Festival, created by Marcie 29 years ago.  This series of events includes intergenerational storytelling, puppets, the creation of sand-cast iron sculptures shaped in our individual and community intentions for the future, Dancing Maidens, Torch Bearers, The Ceremony of the Harvest Mother, street theatre and performances in the restaurants and bars, all-community Feast outside on Elk Ave. and a huge Trial of the Great Grump and Bonfire at the crossroads! For more information please email: or phone: 970-349-6509.