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The Main Street Clinic provides complimentary and preventative care for individuals and families.

Our mission is to provide optimal, holistic support for mind, body and spirit. Services are available to individuals of all ages.

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Address Altitude Sickness, Maximize Athletic Performance and Support Overall Health

Acli-Mate was formulated by Dr. Roanne Rouse Houck, N.D. a naturopathic doctor who operates a Naturopathic Clinic in Gunnison, Colorado (elevation 7700 feet).  Acli-Mate was born out of Dr. Houck’s desire to provide relief to the many travelers to Colorado who were seeking her help in addressing Altitude Sickness during their vacations. Dr. Houck formulated Acli-Mate with a unique blend of ingredients to address the symptoms of altitude sickness:

Electrolytes to support hydration, as the alpine environment is frequently much dryer than other climates, and because the added stress that altitude places on the human body quickly causes dehydration.

  • Vitamins B6 and B12 to assist with energy and combat headaches.  Persons experiencing altitude sickness often experience headaches and a lack of energy.

  • Sodium, potassium and magnesium to minimize muscle cramps.

  • Adaptogenic Herbs – Ginko Biloba, Schizandara and Rhodiola help the body adapt to multiple stressors, including those cause by altitude.

Maximizing Athletic Performance

The properties that make Acli-Mate effective for altitude sickness make it equally effective in supporting and maximizing athletic performance, be it at altitude or otherwise.  Maintaining hydration, supporting energy levels, and avoiding muscle cramps are all key to optimal physical and athletic performance.  The presence of adaptogenic herbs help the body to adapt to the stressors of vigorous physical activity further maximizing athletic performance.  With its low sugar content, Acli-Mate minimizes the body’s inflammatory reaction to being overloaded with sugar (as happens with most high-sugar content sports drinks), and avoids the intake of unnecessary calories.

Supporting Overall Health

For the same reasons, Acli-Mate supports the bodies overall health, whether recovering from illness, exercise, fatigue or hangovers.